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North American meet up

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Hello Wade continuing conversation of US meeting.
Orlando airport is 76 miles 1 HR 1/2 from the campground.
Direct flight from overseas to Orlando would be best.
Preferably car rentals , train or bus to the campground would be good for all arrivals. I don't think everyone from overseas will be arriving at the airport at the same time. Maybe some might.

Rec room for powered instruments and any where in the campground is fine for acoustic instruments/ non powered.




I am sure we will not bother anyone. Wife is the manager and we live on the property. We know everyone here most are friends. if anything, residents would enjoy it and watch if thats ok.

We have 7 cabins. There are 2 motels next door. one next to the campground other about a hundred yards on the river plenty of rooms. We are friends with them and can be sure rooms are available.
Ok my wife broke down the occupants per cabin .thinking if not bringing spouses could bunk with someone and split the cost.
(2 small cabins) w/ queen mattress in the loft with no standing room kneeling only, and a futon on main floor.

(3 medium cabins) w/ queen mattress in the loft,bedroom with queen bed. and a futon in the living area.

(1 large cabin)w/ bedroom with queen bed,set of bunks,and futon.

(1 extra large cabin) w/bedroom with queen mattress and set of bunks. 3 twin mattresses in loft.

The rec room should suffice. plenty of outlets and I can get 4 FT powerstrips and extention cords not a problem. I think acoustics should be fine no echoing far as I know I have never played in there.

I have a 16 channel Mackie mixer I haven't used in 20 years but it works .I have floor monitors and PA speakers. I have a Shure mic but no mic stands . Drums I will rent from Guitar Center 100 dollars for a week. I do already have a Yamaha DTEXPRESS electronic drum kit if we need it. I have 3 electric guitars 1 acoustic and a fretless bass. anyone can borrow them if they want.

Wife and I were thinking late October early November. Way to hot in summer months here, no one would like it. Plus we are still slow and plenty of room . Campground starts filling up late November.

Ok that's all for now.Let me know If you need more info. cheers, Mike
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Hey Mike, all of that sounds great! My guess is that the later the better as you'll attract all those northern "cold weather types" ready for a break in the sun. That could include the Europeans as well.

If all you're lacking are microphone stands, then that's not much to get figured out. Getting a date set and figuring out costs and what's included/excluded will put you in the position of being able to see how many are interested. I'm guessing that you're thinking of 1 year away, but maybe not? Short notice can make it difficult for people to get time off, arrange flights, etc.
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Yes I will post prices for the cabins and neighboring motels. I forgot to mention. we have on site laundry facility , local restaurants and a food market all close by.
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Hey Mike - thank you for suggesting this I think it's an exciting possibility :) As a northerner, I would be up for a sunny Florida trip for sure. Let us know as your plans develop I am interested the only obstacle would be my work schedule but other than that I would be in for sure.
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Sounds cool
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If this works out Gary, would love to put you on the list👍:)
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Yeah..I'd be interested in attending..not sure I'd wanna bring the horns..as they get handled pretty sloppily..and can really mess up a sax..but I'd go just to meet everybody because I think we all have something really special going on amongst us.
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Hey Mark, don't let that slow you down. I've been taking horns to Germany for the jam there for years. When/if it comes time I'll give you the secret to making bomb proof cases.
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[quote]Wade wrote:
I've seen Wade's case. Anti atomic case...
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I will be brief and concise.

As you know, Wikiloops is Dick's baby.

Despite all the goodwill of the people, the organization of such an event on American soil would be no less a source of concern for him since he's a responsible person and wants everything to be well done, and he's the instigator of it.

The poor guy already has a lot on his shoulders, I think.

In any case, if we decide to do so, we must make his life as easy as possible to make it as pleasant as possible.

Personally, although I find the idea attractive, for this reason, I have no expectations on this side.

And after all, Germany is the cradle of Wikilloops.

Isn't it a way to pay tribute to this project to travel to the place where it was born?

Like Liverpool and the Beatles.
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With respect, I think there is a difference between members using the Forum to organize a member's jam in a place that's easy for them to get to, and a jam being an "official" wikiloops happening. If Mike decides to give this jam wings, then it's his project. Richard has positively advised him about aspects of how to do this. Have you seen Richard's post(#14)? Quoting him: "I like the initiative to think about a north American meeting". And he finishes with: "Keeping my fingers crossed and available to help".

Those of us who can, do go to Germany. Not everyone has the time and finances to do so. Should they be precluded from having the opportunity to organize their own jams?

IMHO It would be a good idea to support anyone who takes initiative to bring together musicians in the spirit of friendship and making music.
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No need to argue here, folks, both Lysbleu & Wade are on the right track :)

Wade wrote:
IMHO It would be a good idea to support anyone who takes initiative to bring together musicians in the spirit of friendship and making music.

I do agree to that, and told Mike just the same.
What I also told him and anyone else who cares to ask is: It does make a difference to organize a jamsession in ones own name (which anyone is free to do, and may advertise the event thru the wikiloops forum as well),
as opposed to organizing an "official" wikiloops meeting in the name of the wikiloops project.
As Lysbleu correctly sensed, the later option does come with some different obligations, and a slightly different approach from inviting a few buddies to a jam.
While an official wikiloops event should be open towards anyone who is taking part on wikiloops and organized in a way that does cherish the open-exchange spirit of the loops,
a private jam could be totally focused on some certain musical style or certain instruments, just to point out one of the things that work differently depending on the "label" on the event. So, yes, that is of concern to me.
I believe Mike chose to organize a first jam without giving it any "official wikiloops" frame by now, so, there really is no need to worry about this matter at this time.
Have a nice weekend :)
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