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Time's Just Slippin' Away

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So far it seems that those who responded aren't comfortable with judging their own tracks in terms of quality. Fair enough! There was another suggestion...open another membership. Although quality may be hard to judge, many of us have different sorts of music we play, or different points of view that could be segregated into different memberships (some of you may be aware that this is already happening).

Your responses show that maybe I'm overly sensitive about listening to people I'm following, and can ignore much of what they post? OK, maybe I should harden up?!

Thanks for all your responses... and Paul...don't you dare go away!!!! Really dig your stuff.
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Yes Wade, you can ignore or quickly stop when you don't appreciate ;)

Wikiloops is a fantastic place to experiment, which also means producting unusual or strange things, I guess many of us use it as a huge playground. A big part of our pleasure here is to test and discover.

Sometimes it's good sometimes it's... peculiar :)
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I realize I'm a less than 3 month senior rookie and my opinion may be different from some members who have been here a lot longer but with that said here's my thoughts on your dilemma....

Personally I think we tend to over complicate life by worrying about things we have no control over and that robs us of time spent doing things that we really love doing, playing music for instance.
So my advice would be, don't sweat the small stuff, keep doing what you love doing and keep sharing your creative music for others to enjoy. You are obviously a talented musician who loves to play but people will listen and enjoy your music whether you have time to listen or comment on their tracks or not.

It would be nice if everything in life could be neatly segregated into neat little piles of 'good', 'not so good' or 'crap' but in my book that's just not practical or ethical so I just do the best I can in choosing what I listen to or participate or comment on. I just ask myself "Am I playing for thumbs or am I playing for my own and others enjoyment?"

Getting nice comments is always rewarding but it's not my motivation for being here, although I have to admit at times after uploading a new track I've been dissapointed in how few thumbs or comments I got compared to listens, but then thinking about it afterwards in a more reasonable way I've come to the conclusion that it was stupid thinking like that because on other occasions for instance, people I look up to as being better musicians, singers or songwriters will leave a really nice positive or constructive comment on one of my songs and it will change my whole outlook and remind me why I'm really here. Not for 'thumbs up icons' or any undeserved 'Awesome's' but because I like making music, meeting and collaborating with others and learning from the more experienced musicians among you.

Confession! I don't click the 'follow' button very often and I don't always listen to every upload but there's no hidden motive or reason for that other than selfishly I'd sooner be playing, singing, composing or just talkin and getting advice from the many helpful and talented musicians here such as yourself. I know realistically there are many of them here that I haven't heard yet and maybe I never will but it's nice knowing that everyday there's a chance of hearing some awesome composition from a stranger I've never heard before that may inspire a masterpiece that will still be around long after all of us are no longer around:)...what better reason could there possibly be for not leaving?
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P.S. just a side note: I have started some time ago to listen more to Wikiloops albums, these are actually quite nicely put together and it is a cool alternative to the Wiki radio station. Give it a try!
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