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Wheres the difference between a "template session" and a "remix"?

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A session-template is the beginning of every wikiloops jamtrack: Session templates may contain only one instrument, whereas a remix is a mix of a given jamtrack adding one additional instrument.

Please note, that again there should be only one additional instrument per remix!
You may play more than one take of your instrument (lets say two guitars) in one remix, but do not mix two different instruments into a remix.
Reasons why:
When listening to a wikiloops jam, you get the instruments displayed seperately. there is no option for someone having played two instruments at the same time, so one of your instruments could not be shown there, while the listener gets to hear a remix containing more instruments than shown.
Uploading a remix with two different instruments added will lead to worse search engine results - imagine, you browse for a track with drums and bass and get to a session where drums and bass are displayed, but a guitar has been added already... speaking of it - please use the report abuse function to report false track declarations!

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