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'needs a lead guitar...?'

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Hi all,

I'm just wondering how to find out of there's a section or a way to find backing tracks that just need some lead guitar to em without searching each and every track result in the main search?

Pls & ty
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Hey Neal

I did my first steps by searching tracks without guitar.

I was not especially a good lead player and I figure out that I have also increased my chords playing skills.

So... ;)

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Good advice!
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Neal, as someone who also plays lead, there is no easy way of finding tracks where just the lead is missing. What I do is search for tracks without any guitar, let's say with drums + bass and maybe vocals, and look at these trees to see what is possible. Another method is, I listen a lot to the "latest jams" wiki radio station, and when I hear something that I like I put it in my playlist - even if there is already a solo on it, and when I get the urge to play something I search my own saved playlist...

Another method you could use is look at some of our amazing guitarists such as our own RobM, he does a lot of solo tracks, and do your version of that track. I have to warn you though, whenever I hear one of Rob's tracks I feel like giving up playing guitar :D

Cheers, TG
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hah, I hear ya on the giving up playing guitar lol, also used as inspiration on the other end of the see-saw ;)

I got the replies and thank ya's for the advice. Happy playing, thanks
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