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Arabic song + video project 2019

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"Summed up, the song is praising the prophet Muhammad"

It is about religion. Youre pushing your beliefs onto people.
Not everybodys God is muhammad.
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I noticed you having a go at Chrustian members on the forum here.
There is no difference with this post. Double standards!!!!
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Joppers wrote:
Not everybodys God is muhammad.

On a humorous note: I'm not aware of any religion whos God is called Muhammad - is there one?

Concerning other religious threads in this forum:
Yes, I'm having a go at people who claim their religion was the only saviour and anyone not sharing their belief was going to hell, and who trash discussions by adding non-debatable quotes from their favorite religious books.

This post here contains a video, an invitation to collaborate, a hint on the wikiloops sticker that accidently found its way into this video and a hint where one can find the english translation of the lyrics.
Not sure what is offensive about that.

We have always allowed Gospel and religious lyrics on wikiloops, as long as the "praise" aspect respects the fact that other people follow other ways.
If you cannot make out where that line is drawn - well, then there's little I can do about that.
Can we have a peacefull sunday now?
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Dear Joppers… I'll say what Dick is too nice to. Go away - this isn't the place for trolling.

*Edit* In respect for Dick's approach, I'll keep quiet except to say that this is a place for music. If you can't appreciate the music of another culture without being "triggered" in some way, this probably isn't the place for you.
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Awwwww so ban me
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Pfff, OK, I take it for myself, girls are supposed to be the ones who generate the bad things in every relegion, so please blame it on me for asking the meaning of the song please...

I see here the perfect illustration of the reason why I'll never step in any worship : "faith raises the spirit, religion divides peoples"

The more you learn, the less you know !
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