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VST: good deals and favorites

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Well... not as good as I thought. But the sounds... The rythm tool... mmmmmm not for me. But again, the sounds, only this worth the price.
Now, I had enough troubles with Cubase, now my new DAW is Reaper.
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Hello everyone
Big news last mounth for free stuff. SINE by orchestra tools.
The sounds are very good.
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PositiveGrid users of BIAS AMP can log in their account and download a copy of BIAS FX LE for free :)

Until 20/02.

I've received the invitation yesterday.

Do you wanna get funky with me?
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Thank you all for the tips on VSTS.

I just ditched Windows in favor of Mac. While using Windows, I had two favorites that are free...

Density MK3 - A saturation , bi amp that adds body to a track or instrument. Presets are awesome. Especially like the Non Linear amp preset to boost bass as well as boost the overall track and give it drive. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/8-Compressor/357-Density-MKIII

Thrillseeker - A Optical compression , transparent harmonic enhancer that approaches like an eq and then boosts harmonic frequencies.Presets are awesome. Adds tingly clarity to a track or instrument. https://www.pluginboutique.com/product/2-Effects/8-Compressor/361-ThrillseekerLA

Both are free. I cant recommend enough. The presets rule.

Right now as I get my new super monster music production PC up and running- Im experimenting with plug ins and finding new ways of doing things , so still experimenting.

This is pay but I am very impressed with all the plug ins from Masterthemix.com especially BASSROOM although I have purchased all of them.

While using windows, my favs are :

Cockos RealEQ.

Love ALL Voxengo plug ins but
LF Max Punch is a bass essential.
Soniformer takes a track and eqs it sonically for depth and dimension.

Both are "pay" but if you do a search for Voxengo Soniformer key....you will find the registration key easily. Voxengo is aware of this and they have given both away for free before and dont seem to mind these two can be registered and used for free without paying. You basically get it from a Serialz key website but never ever ever download anything. I simply went to like "Serialkeyz.com " or something and it displayed it without download. I can probably find it again if anyone is interested.

Bark of Dog- Adds a really narrow pinpoint precision boost to bass sweet spot. Using a parametric eq "sweep" thru your tracks bass frequencies and find the frequncy that sounds the bestest. then use Bark of dog to boost the frequency . has presets but is a nifty handy little free vst.

Recently im checking out free M/S control plug ins. M stands for Middle . S stands for Sides.

So you can control the middle of a track and the far sides of the track in the stereo picture. Very handy if you get a mid rangy track that just doesnt have the mojo.

One of my favs in Molot Limiter which can limit middle and sides. Fortunatley I am still able to use it in OSX and its windows as well.Its one of the best free limiters ...period.Used at end of track.

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Oh and forgot ...my favorite all around , general purpose compressor. really highly rated and absolutley free. Its multiband .looks plain jane but man o man....really brings out an instruments dynamics. Again ...absolutley free.
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Thank you all
Also for getting started with orchetral sounds: two new commers : Nucleus from Audio Imperia (lite edition 99$) and Amadeus from Sonic scores.

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