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using the jamtrack search engine

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Whenever you are surfing on wikiloops.com - the jamtrack search engine is only a click away (A).

In the links offered on the right side B you will find convenient quick-filtering options to focus on the backings that match your desire. Besides the "minus-1"-filters, you may like to take the link to musician search as well - thats where you can browse artists-wise by instrument or style.
The search system does a ruff distinction between songs with up to three musicians ("backing tracks") and songs with four or more ("advanced Sessions") .

For best search results, use the manual filters offered (C). There you may choose a style section and other crteria, or you state which instruments should be involved in the track you are looking for. You dont have to set all filters, leaving some blank raises the chance of finding a track meeting your choices.
Within the search results, the available tracks are listed by user ratings (exept when showing latest uploads).
Click on the musicians displayed (D) to head to the jam-view, where the track is played back and downloadable.

Important hint:
It would be annoying to have to re-set filters over and over again when visiting the search engine.
Thats why more jams that match your last search are dislayed in he right coloumn of the jam-view.
To return to the same search results page you opened a jam from, best use the browser-back function.

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