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Attn: Loopers, coders and beta testers

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Greetings loopers,

I hope to do some programming in the coming year. Among several projects include coding a DAW, as well as a www site dedicated
to music collobartion. When this gets off the ground, I'll post and invite beta testers.

For the WWW project: a music collaboration site dedicated to short loops and collages:

The main focus of the site:
Short loop recordings shared via www site, for a free exchange of material that can be used for amateur entertainment,
also some legal issues for commercial intents. Concentrating on 'grid' style DAWS, with a strong collage style remix ethic, I don't believe this would
create a direct threat to wikiloops.

The basic idea is to work using existing technologies such as webdav, web
scripting, and work from the standpoint that projects are saved on a cloud server, while users can browse projects and files via www
interface. Listen to mixes, Then, working on these from their local DAW.

The www side being fleshed with pages like a 'best of', jam-rooms. Donation driven.

In particular, I'll be looking for coders willing to work for profit sharing only. Finding success here, work may begin, however, without
knowledge of current scripting methods, I've no idea whether ideas like jam rooms, and 'www to DAW' communication is possible. Not to mention 'for profiit sharing' only incentive.

I hope this post is not out of bounds. That open forums like this one are fairly free to discuss musical ideas.

Anyone interested, please browse my recordings. Touch base. Open a discussion.
Michael Bender
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