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player in search results ?

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When browsing all the new tracks here (haven't been here for quite some time) I thought it would maybe be nice to have a small (preview) player embedded in the search results.

Clicking on the 'Rock' section (just as example), every track that shows up there would have a little player embedded, this would allow quick preview of the songs without having to go to the actual song page everytime.

What do you think ?
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hmmm. Well, I believe I did decide against that a long time ago, because people would stay stuck on the loopsearch page and not leave comments or thumbs if there was the option to listen from there...
I do of course understand your idea / problem, but I feel there would be too little linkage between a jam, its users and feedback if you were looking at a list of many tracks and were listening to one - how would you know wich one it is you have clicked on last?
Its something I dont really like about the radio the way it is - there is a jam ID displayed, but still its not the same as looking at the group of members and having the options to comment and thumb as you have on the jam pages...
I'm open to third opinions, of course.

Btw: Great to have you back nofish! long time no C!
"Sorry - had to do it!" - Les Claypool

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Hi Dick, indeed long time no C :)
Been going through some changes (moved to another city etc)

Thanks for the reply.
Good point you bring up with linkage/feedback betweem the jam and users/feedback. Haven't thought about that.
I can only talk for myself of course, but for me the suggested player would rather be a way to get a quick overview which tracks I find interesting (let's be honest, not every track fits everyone...) and then I'd go to the actual song page anyway for the tracks I find interesting.
But yeah, I can follow your arguments also, so no prob of course it that doesn't get implemented.

Just a little comment to this as well:

if you were looking at a list of many tracks and were listening to one - how would you know wich one it is you have clicked on last?

Not sure I understand.
At least me I'm a multi-tab browsing guy, so (let's assume this player was implemented) if I'd listen to a song I like I'd open the actual jam page in a new tab or bookmark for visting later. I'd see no problem there.

But this is actually not so important anyway as I can follow your thoughts about this topic.

Have a good one.
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