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How to use the "my friends"-panel

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If you wish to keep track of a user's action on wikiloops, you may add him to your "my friends"-panel. From then on, it will be easy to check out what your friend has been up to: There's a notification message in the friends-panel stating whether your friend has posted a new session since your last visit, and your friend's music is only a click away.

Again, the "my friends"-panel is available to registered members only.

To add a musician to your friends-panel, do as follows:
If you are browsing the sessions in the jam-view and discover a musician who is to your liking, first open the user's jam-room by clicking on his avatar-picture.
In the jamroom (green info-box in the right column), there's a black-and-white shake-hands button with which you may add the user to you friends panel.
If you are browsing for musicians using the "musician-search", you'll find the same button is available in the member's profile in the top-right section.

If you wish to remove a user from your friends list, just hit the small red X-button next to the members image in your friends panel.

As this feature is meant to help keeping track of the people you like, there is no "accept friendship"-procedure involved when adding a wikiloops-friend. In version 1.0, you won't notice if someone added you to his friends-panel at all. This may be subject to change later.

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