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Hello everybody. I've been in wikiloops only for a few days, and I thing it is really good for all musicians. When I looked in Google for "free tracks to rehearse", the one it took my attention was wikiloops, and after a few days, I must say it is much better than I expected.
The thing is, that as a saxophone/clarinet player, I use Band in a Box for making my backgrounds an rehearse songs, loops, progressions, etc.
Can I post templates made in Band in a Box? (I could upload only drums, or only guitar, bass, etc..) and people probably would find it useful.
I use the real tracks and real instruments, so the sound is good, I think.
Could we post music from Real Book? (as an example). I don't know if we could do it, so I was just wondering...
Anyway, congratulations for the good work!
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Hey Javi,
generally, we do not allow any covers on wikiloops, simply because that would lead to legal claims / royalty fees which would have to be met.
Most real book standards still do fall under copyright, so I'm affraid we can't do that around here.
I do know there is platforms which do not care much about those things, we do.

I know its tempting to produce more or less complete tracks, and I believe a high percentage of the wikiloops members are capable of producing that way - still, wikiloops is meant for working together, not for presenting how good each of us produces when by ourselfs. You will find some tracks on here where someone did 90% of the job, to me, the real wikiloops magic is happening on those tunes which evolve unexpectedly as more and more people join :)

Hope this covers your question! All the best!
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Frankly, I'd not be happy to find Band-in-a-Box templates on Wikiloops, though I have it and use it. But it is just not in the spirit of Wikiloops. I fear it would delute the quality of creative, hand-made, original music we find here.
Backings of Standards are to be found everywhere on the net - and in fact there are not allowed here (or at least in the grey zone) - if we do a known standard rarely from time to time, it should be a hand made one - that's the way I see it :)
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Ok, I understand your point of view. Thanks for answering so quick.
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