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Why cant I kick or change any musician but the last one?

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That is propably the most frequently asked question:

You've found a jam with three musicians, say a drummer on position 1, a bassist on position 2 and guitar player on position 3. Really cool jam, you think, but that bassist isn't quite good. You hit the "send home" button next to the bassists picture and off he goes - but then you notice, the guitarist has left too!

So here's the explanation, why it is that way:

Wikiloops works with a principle of remixing in a way some call "ping-pong-recording" - meaning that adding an instrument is done by playing back the jamtrack (with all instruments added so far), jamming along and recording BOTH jamtrack and own play in a new file (or a second tape machine, like in the good old days of ping-pong- multitracking).
To stick to our example: The guitar player took the sound file containing drums and bass and mixed both to create the 3-members-session from which we started in our example.
By trying to kick the bassist, who is in a sandwich-position, what you aimed to hear would have been a track containing drums and guitar - since the guitar player only jammed to the track containing both bass and drums, the track you were wanting has never been mixed!
So when you kick out the bassist (or any other musician), wikiloops will redirect you to the session containing only the instruments that were recorded prior to the musician you kicked out.
In our example, if you are really lucky, the same guitar player you liked might have posted a remix to the drumtrack that's root of the session. In this case, you could add him again from the additional musicians offered, hoping he played exactly the same lick he did in the jam you heard first.
Honestly, I'm afraid this will not be the case too often...

Before you hit the "Feedback"-Forum immediately: YES, it would be nicer to have this problem fixed, and believe us we have thought of pretty much anything to do it. In 2011, there is not enough bandwidth and no known multitrack-playback-tool that would allow good sync of single tracks when played back in a browser, so this linear-addition way of doing it is the only convenient way to solve the problem we came up with so far. Once you understood the concept, we hope it won't be of negative effect on your jamming experience!

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