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wikiloops founder Richard featured on GMI Podcast

Happy to share below link with you today,
along with special thanks to Ged Brockie,
founder of the Guitar and Music Institute Website & Podcast,
whom I had the pleasure to chat with about operating wikiloops a few days ago.
If you'd like to check out the podcast, here it is:


What else is new?
The [url=https://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=1800]2018 video collaboration project[/url] is rolling in quite nicely, and a first preview images from the video cutting table looks like this:
Thanks to all who are taking part, these video collabs sure are a little more effort then the usual wikiloops collaborations, but I'm happy we are reviving this type of thing once more this year.

Last, if you haven't come across the "harmonic notes game" jam our member StJray started a few weeks ago, then that is something else worth checking out - the "game" starts at track #133001 with a lead harmony which serves as the only rule to the "game".
Four weeks later, the track is available in a total of 72(!) remixed versions which all follow this harmonic line, but cover quite a range of instruments and styles. Congratulations to Ray and thanks to all participants for this spontaneous collaboration.

So much as a quick update today,
hope you are enjoying your weekends & happy jamming on wikiloops

As it's a tradition, here's the stats of the day.
On april 22nd 2018, wikiloops has:
107,572 backing tracks online,
52,577 members,
2,485 active uploaders,
285 supporting members
1 Baer


Brilliant interview+0
Nice one dick....ever the ambassador.😎+0
Excellent interview. Hopefully it generated some interest. Regardless it's always good to let people know about something positive that's happening in the world.+1
Thanks Dick,
About track #133001 and the following, I did part I of a tribute video to participating musicians: https://youtu.be/2UqbzO3_RQw
This video is also a tribute to Wikiloops and if you want to put it on the YouTube Wikiloops, it's free to you.:W
Dick, excellent and informative interview on GMI Podcast.;)+1
April 26 2018 19:24:39
Dick thanks for checking this out :) +1
Just had A quick look at wikiloops before, what had to be an early night. saw the link to the podcast and gone was my early night but It was worth it you gave an great interview it was nice to listen to hope it brings on new members:W+1
Well spoken! An excellent advertisement and representation of what Wikiloops is. Thumbs up.+1
An excellent presentation of what wikiloops is all about, Richard! All thumbs up!+1
Just had a listen and very interesting it was too! Really good interview :)+1
Mabrouk Dick, cool interview - what can I say great job and I hope a lot of people outside of Wikiloops listen to it+1
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