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Meet you at the wiki-Disco

A happy 1st of may to all wikiloops members!

Let me start out today with giving thanks for all the positive feedback on the [url=https://www.guitarandmusicinstitute.com/episode-29-richard-kaiser-of-wikiloops/]GMI podcast[/url] that has reached me since the last wikiloops site news entry.
I'm really happy so many of you seem to have enjoyed that interview, and I'd also like to give thanks to Ged Brockie once more, who has been really supportive about getting the word out about the wikiloops project.

Now, exactly once month after calling out for the wikiloops video collaboration project 2018 I am very happy to be able to present the first groups video clip to you today.
There will be more clips to come in 2018, as there are several other groups in the process, and you may still join the project, too.
All info on how to join the video fun can be found [url=https://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=1800]here[/url] in the forum.

Now, get out your dancing shoes and check this out:

-> https://youtu.be/RM_D2CVjqPA

And please comment, like and share this video wherever suitable.

Coming up in May 2018:
Itis getting time to wrap upthe wikiloops member meeting 2018 booking procedure, so if you ahave already entered the doodle calendar, you will receive a message shortly.
If you are still making up your mind on wether you'd like to attend the [url=https://www.wikiloops.com/forum/viewthread.php?thread_id=1653]5th wikiloops member meeting[/url] in August, please do register soon, there are only a few slots/beds left!

I'm wising you a great start into may,
and ending as always with the stats of the day:
108,193 tracks online
52,632 members
280 supporters


Outstanding composition and performance from an all-star band. Great job guys! <3+1
Awesone video, and super talented musicians!! :) :)+1
very very well done by you all...;););)+2
What a wonderful collaberation!

First-Overall...the entire video is very entertaining! Its really a pleasure to watch all of these people whom I admire , doing their thing and actually watching.

Alice - Wow. You are so cool and wonderful! I smile watching you smile! You are an angel!You are such a wonderful and artistic person!

Marc- You are extremely entertaining and the "glue" of the track. Consummate pro you are.

Tof-Cool shades! You weave the guitar thru the track and completely colour it with disco grooviness. Theres so many embellishments you do, my eyes kept going back to you, to see what you were doing down there in the corner.

Alex- Just "WOW". Spider fingers!

Martin-It is a pleasure and privilege to watch you playing.You are a Drumming Power Plant just generating all these great drum rhythms.I really dig the shaker!

Dick- Great job editing and THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for this wonderful Oasis of positivity and creativity on the internet.

I am so proud of all of you and everyone participating in these.

Really guys. Its a please and privledge to jam and know you all. You are wonderful people and should be proud of what you made here.
Pit Brett
:Y very cool to watch and listen to this WL-AllSTAR BAND.
Thank you all<3
love it<3 great song by all:D YEAHHH!!+2
Sooooooo Cooooooool :W+2
very cool.....<3:W:Y+2
yeah! wunderbares Video!+3
So much great talent! One word can sum it UP...AWESOME!!+4
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