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Play it loud!

Happy to release part II of our open video collaboration project today,
after the first episode took us to the disco flavors,
this one will rock your socks for sure :)
Check out below video and show the boys some love by leaving a comment if you like!



The video collaboration continues, and there are some cool videos coming up soonish,
so, stay tuned and take the occasion as a good time to follow the wikiloops YouTube Channel,
or find out how to join the video collaborations in this thread:

Stats of the day:
108,923 tracks public
52,726 members


:W Brilliant rock track with commercial sensibilities too! Tightly played by all. It rocks, pure and simple.+1
Yesh great Rocker and lots of fun to show around!! So cool!!! :) :) :W what ajoy!!!! :D :D :D+1
Nice to see you guys.
Looking at these videos I think we have the chance to live in a particularly interesting time for 50+. In the West anyway.
June 22 2018 20:37:26
frenzie Wikiloops is having fun at 50+ / 40+ <3 :);) +0
June 22 2018 20:42:42
Dick Funny, I've been wondering about Lys's comment - I do agree that we live in interesting times for people 50+ in the west, so much is for sure, and yes, the wikiloops age-average is probably 40+...
but how you've connected the thought with the video (besides trying to say "you guys look really old!", which I don't suspect was your intention...) got me wondering :) Well, i've learned that the youngest person (Ella on trumpet) in the video series is 15 years old, so I guess we are covering quite a range here, both generation wise as location-wise, and I'm very happy about that.
June 22 2018 22:24:03
frenzie Yeah for shure! she did great in that video, no I did not intend to say that at all! Let me say watching these video series made me proud of all loopers and what they are capable of!! :) +0
June 22 2018 22:41:19
Dick I know you didn't, and I was just curious what exactly may have been Lysbleus thought on the initial comment :)
One thing that has crossed my mind doing the video series and noticing the fact that most of us are 35+ (it is obvious, why not say it?) was: what an incredible creative talent is out there in this generation. I'm not sure if there will be that many good instrument players available in 30 years from now (it's just getting less hip to play guitar...), and I thought a bit about the weird way the media and casting shows focus on featuring young talent, while I'm witnessing the talents (and fruit of experiences) of a different generation here. We are living in interesting times, so much is for sure, and documenting wikiloops "class of 2018" here will be an interesting time-document a few years down the road...
June 23 2018 00:11:21
frenzie You're right but are we a dying breed? No we're bringing it back to life!!! Yeah go wikiloops class of 2018! :D +0
June 23 2018 00:14:15
frenzie Or drumming! Nothing beats a good drummer I will call no names mr bear :D :D :D +1
June 23 2018 08:50:42
Lysbleu I had no idea that my comment would arouse such intrigue in our benefactor Rick. :) Well here it is...

It is true that I was a bit stupefied to notice a long time ago that the average age of the members on this site seems to be more than forty years, but I do not know. And I already explained in the forum my understanding of the phenomenon. (More time, a little more resources, and experience gained.) Actually I was pleasantly surprised. It is often said that new technologies and social networks are young people's business.

When I talked about the 50+, I thought more about myself and my generation than the members in the video.

Personally, even though I'm almost 55, I'm sure that music keeps my mind particularly young. But less optimistic than in the past I must say, for the future of humanity. But that's another subject... Just hear what I'm about to upload to the site.

Having said that, I repeat that I believe that we are living, at least for the musicians and thanks to you Richard, an interesting period for exchanges.

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Awesome! :o+1
Great sound guys! :W+1
Yesss rock on wikiloopers!!! :D :D+1
das macht so viel Spass die Musiker in aktion zu sehen!:D+1
Very cool video:D i love your tee-shirt Gary:D:W+1
Excellent one too ! Oh Craig, you are so fun :W+1
Great to see the faces behind the sounds and with wikiloops anyone can join in the jam. How cool is that ?+3
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