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wikiloops got the Blues!

This one goes out to all lovers of the Blues!
Part III of our video series is featuring a total of seven wikiloops members from both sides of the atlantic who are showcasing some serious wiki-Blues.
Please give a warm hand to this band and share this video with folks who love the blues.
Here it is, called "Any other way":

In case you have missed the disco and rock video, check the previous two blog posts or find them on the [url=https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQkAMRzGAsMJb83dGOeQowQ]wikiloops youtube channel[/url].

Thanks again to the video collaboration participants & and the many positive comments on the first videos.
There are some quite tasty things yet to come, so stay tuned if you are enjoying these videos.

Bluesy greetings from the wikiloops engine room!

wikiloops stats of the day:
109,680 tracks online
52,778 members registerred
268 supporting members


Cool stuff! Great job you guys!+0
After listening to and watching this video I´m just sitting here as one big smile. MAN! this is awesome. Really cool and fantastic jam and video. Thank you all for sharing this great moment fellows. :W<3:Y+1
Very cool. Andrea's look like leading the pack, shining.
Good sounds, nice solos. Very pleasant to see.
The world is so little now.
Terrific :W+0
Yeah that's the blues! Awesome job guys <3+0
The story goes on!! Great blues playing and feel from this very cool band!! <3 👍👍 super collaboration from around the globe!! :D+4
That’s the blues alright! Very cool feel and great to see you are enjoying it too!+5
Oh yeah! Fantastic job everyone! Feeling dem blooze around the world!+4
Nice Video !
I like the play and presence of Stéfano. The Italian class !
Don's long beard in the style zzT :)
Tom is absent...except the hand :|
June 03 2018 19:10:58
frenzie Sorry Thierry :) +2
ohhhh yeah, ich bin total begeistert!:D+5
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