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wikiloops meeting 2018 in Steinfeld

It's that time of the year again, and as I sit and type at my usual desk here in Germany,
musicians from all around the globe are on their way to Steinfeld,
to gather for a 5th weekend of live jamming in the Academy building of the scenic Steinfeld Monastery.

We'll do our best to capture some of the event for those of you who can't make it to Germany -
if anyone feels like sending us a little video greeting to the meeting, feel free to send me a link to that and I'll present it by beamer to the Steinfeld crowd!

To all who are packing up & ready to go:
Travel safely & better bring some warm socks and rainproof jackets, it's been a bit rainy when unloading the car with the help of Navota & Wade this afternoon :)

To anyone who is still undecided:
Yes, you may dare to come to 53925 Kall-Steinfeld and visit us. You'll see some signs pointing you towards the wikiloops event once you enter the impossible-to-miss Monastery in the tiny village Steinfeld, 50km west of Cologne.

Looking foreward to the meeting, and happy jamming everybody out there!



Just some picks and strings.... and socks :)
I just got back from Steinfeld. I've been driving for over six hours. I didn't have to listen to any music on the radio during the whole trip, because the four days of making music with great wikiloop members filled me with music and I listened to this music in my head during the whole return trip.🎶🎷🎻🎺🎶🎶
Thank you again Richard for these wonderful days!
September 02 2018 20:43:36
adu Schön das du gut zu Hause angekommen bist! So gings mir 2015 auch, hör was bei rausgekommen ist. #49601 mach was draus. ;) +3
September 03 2018 13:38:15
wjl Schließe mich Andreas an - ich hab auch die ganze Zeit noch #18097 im Kopf... Danke euch Allen, Ihr seid super! <3 +2
Now waiting in kologne flugport....too early to check in, so just having a beer and wishing it wasn’t over. It was great to meet with 5 year alt friends, make new ones.
Thanks must go out to dick yet again, for his amazing organisational skills (and drumming), not to mention his mum’s buiscuits, und TeeGee’s fantastic coffee. I’ll try and make a better report when I get home, and calm down. Thanks again to all. Great to have had the privilege to have been allowed to have jammed with so many amazing musicians. I promise to try harder next time;).
September 03 2018 15:04:53
wjl You did good mate - no worries, and thanks! :) +1
September 03 2018 15:57:18
TeeGee So you made it in one piece to the airport, that's good! Have a save flight back, and we'll meet up in your coffee shop soon I hope! +4
Hey Wikiloopers!
It's now a few days between the Wikiloops membermeeting 2018.It was my first time.
My mind is allways there.All the day my brain flahes scenes and sounds to my eyes and ears.I'm also flooded with feelings and vibrations.It is yet not the right time, to get them all into words(comes later), but without harm up it has been for me the biggest festival, event- with music I've ever been.This small place took so much space in my heart! Richard/Dick... has brought a fantastic project to live.I won't miss that again!Thank you Richard and to all who support it, to make this event and the community possible.Thats's something you can't buy in a musicstore.
<3<3<3 Thanks to all for this great time !!<3<3<3
I'm infected:o;) Have a great day my friends.

You can https://www.de.wikiloops.com/donate.php
Fabulous meeting yet again, great fun. Thanks to everyone who participated, and especially to Richard and family for organizing such a great event.+8
September 04 2018 13:44:40
Jolux For true, it's a pleasure to meet there in.Grüße in die Schweiz:D +3
have a great time everyone!!!!+4
Have a great time!+4
Have fun all !+4
Back in Canada after a wonderful trip to Germany. I had a great time there with fine people and musicians. Now I go to bed after a very long trip back.
I will talk about it later with photos and videos.
Gutted. Gutted. Gutted. I so wanted to make it this year and came so close to managing it. I hope you all have a fantastic time - I know you will. I will get there again.+3
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