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January 2021 news

Hey there, friends of wikiloops!
I hope the new year has started well for you and will become increasingly better as it matures :)

I'll start off thanking all of those who joined in in our little new years day radio feature project.
As a premiere in using in-browser recording to capture your voice-messages it worked quite well, but I'd also like to apologize to those who tried the tool and ran into technical issues - we will work on that, promised.
I'm taking it from the many positive comments on the created radio-fromat that quite a number of people enjoyed getting to hear their fellow wikiloopers voices - so did I!
For those who missed it alltogether, here is the link to the new years 2021 radio show, featuring the members choices + messages.

We might as well do similar radio shows in the future, so stay tuned to the wikiloops news if you would like to participate next time around.

Now, after shuffling thru quite a lot of paper and doing a lot of database evaluations I'm happy to be done with the annual wikiloops transparency report for 2020 today, which offers the usual insights in the wikiloops projects funding & evolution.
Have a look if you care to know what is going on behind the curtains, and feel free to send me your feedback if you like.

That's all from me on this sunday,
stay safe and happy out there!
Glad to see the green figure at the end:)
and thanks for making wikiloops a Palace to step in to the sunshine on a cloudy Day :--
Happy to see this ship stay afloat :) thanks to the many supporting members !! I'm also glad to read that your fridge is now safe ;) Best wishes for 2021 ! +4
Glad to see a lot of greens in the numbers, may this great project continue to stay green! Keep up the good work, and thank you Dick!!! +3
Green is good, grateful thanks to all involved for doing such a brilliant job and all best for a hopefully greener and healthy 2021! <3:W:D +3
Thanks so much for your yearly transparency report, and for the site news as well :) Glad that it's all green, now let's make it greener... :D +2
Good transparency report with that awaited positive economic result. It took a while, but has worked out in the end. Congratulations for your persistence and determination. We and posterity are the beneficiaries. +2
Hello from "snowy" Athens Greece!
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