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Seasons greetings!

Seasons greetings!

Dear friends of wikiloops!

On behalf of the wikiloops team and the Kaiser family, let me wish you all a happy and relaxed time,
and some festive moments among the people you like as the year 2022 is coming to an end.
Ideally with some live music, maybe?

Music is one of the most reliable sources of joy and happiness after all.
I have witnessed it a thousand times myself, on myself and others - have people sing a song or give them a good groove, and they can't help but feel good eventually.

The mechanism is both obvious and simple, it's free of charge and there are no known side effects (besides disturbing the neighbors maybe).

Once you think about it, the only strange thing about this is:
How come most humans would agree it was a good idea to take an aspirin if you have a headache,
but so few would recommend making some music if you feel stressed out?

Well, that is odd, but maybe it's more important to make good use of the gift that music gives,
rather than wonder why it has become less popular.
I do feel it is good to remind myself and others not to miss out on a dose of good fun every now and then.
Most of the time, all it takes is to grab some instrument and keep going for a few minutes, one just needs to do it.

My own musical encounters in 2022 have been of a more private nature then playing live gigs and recording,
I'm making a lot of improvised music with our two year old son - he is a fantastic audience to play for, a happy dancer, and he can lay down an improvisation on top of my humble attempts to play some piano that does remind me of Cory Henrys really wild stuff ;) Pure joy.

I believe most -if not all- on wikiloops have access to that musical Oasis,
even if there's no internet or electricity, wikiloops itself just adds some incentives to keep going,
and some virtual company of like-minded people.

Thinking about it, maybe that's one of the core ingredients to wikiloops:
It recommends making some music instead of taking aspirin :)

Thank you all for being part of this,
thanks to those known and unknown who are making it happen behind the scenes,
and last but not least to those who keep wikiloops alive with funds.

Merry Christmas to those who are celebrating,
and a happy time making music on and off wikiloops.

Cory Henry!!!! you are being busy... can't wait to hear you play on the piano like that wonderguy!

Have some great days together and super to read you are having a great musical time with your sun as well!

Making Music is one of the best things that came to my about 7 years ago. As newbie in this world.Most of the wikiloopers play for years. I Had the change to practise my flute playing with all sorts of genres.
Nice thing about it that I met some of you on the meetings and that was the first time I played off line with people that was such fun.

Now at my old age :)
I play in a smal band . So I want so say to all thank you for the music and fun and support. Happy Holidays and Year full of music and good health. And yes it's the best thing to relax or do after a working day
:W +0
Merry Christmas to you and family, and thank you for everything <3 +0
Thanks for continuing support of such a great community. +0
Cheers Dick. This has been an amazing first 2 years of participation for me here, it's been a blessing to discover the gift you created. Thank you and well wishes to you and yours for 2023!

~ Joe
Time for some update, Boss! ;) +0
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I am happy that I can fly with you in waves of music
Steve0526 from Hungary

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