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so that is where the magic came from :)+2
December 21 2015 07:50:29
Marceys Some of it! :) +0
pandora's box of notes Marc!+1
December 24 2015 20:36:56
Marceys What you put in will come out! +0
Great shot of the key cave.+1
December 24 2015 20:42:03
Marceys Thanks Wade.... Just a little blink.... +0
I could sleep just Under computers :)+1
December 24 2015 20:42:32
Marceys Why would you do that? There is a spare bed :) +1
So this is where the master works his miracles!+1
December 24 2015 20:44:33
Marceys Haha, some of the workingspace... That's for sure..... :) +0
super Aufbau!+0

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