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I never was there you came a long way Richard!!:):) <3+1
Yes I remember that.+0
Very basic indeed. Not sure if I would have clicked on a link to the site back then. But I also am very glad I found your site when I did. ;)+0
I have come to wish our community of musicians a very happy anniversary for its eight years of existence.
I wish there were plenty more behind.
I cannot thank enough a fellow bass player, Ryco, for making me aware of his existence a little over a year ago.
I found in Wikiloops THE only site of sharing between musicians on the Net worthy of that name.
"Long life to Wikiloops" :W<3
Wow, primitive but I like it .. so cool it's come this far!! Congratulations, this puts things in perspective somewhat. I like the thumbs down and wouldn't be opposed to it now as long as you can see he's giving the thumbs down ... but maybe not a good idea LOL! I did some searching the other day out of curiosity to see what your competition might look like. Ya know I couldn't find ANYTHING that looks half decent to use, there really is nothing like this that I could see .. it all looked like crap to me!! Nothing that interested me like the ease and quality of this site, that's for sure. Just being honest.+0
The first WL's website was so loooong ago that it was early primitive humans that were jamming back then ... just look at Mr.Adam before he evolved!+0

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