GlezBass' Gallery


i had that.....+1
November 30 2017 21:17:09
GlezBass you mean the Westone bass on the cover? +0
November 30 2017 21:21:05
onorium i had MARCUS MILLER V7 Alder 5 BK Black +1
November 30 2017 21:43:04
GlezBass fretted or fretless? I had the 4-string version, but I sold it to acquire my MM sire bass V7 Swamp Ash NT to slapping , I also acquired my MM V7 Alder 5 BK Black fretless like the picture showcase :D +0
November 30 2017 22:32:10
onorium Fretted...:D +1

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