Fishinmissios Gallery


I got one just like that as well..but I don't need a pic. This guy is out here from I offered to take him out.River closes tomorrow so you folks will have to put up with more of my
I wonder how you get your wonderful sound on those silver brilliant things+1
April 06 2018 16:33:22
Fishinmissio Fresh air and being on the water:D +0
looks a might dreary out, I'd say, but rather great for the fish hunters?+1
April 06 2018 16:34:41
Fishinmissio Typical weather here as you know part was that it has warmed up to 50f. Running around in an open boat when it's 35 is brutal. WE call it "Ice Cream Headache":| +1
April 06 2018 17:07:55
Leftdaloops1019 I have a warped view of the area as it was sunny and bright the whole stay and the Indian summer was at it's zenith....So...Glad it's warming up! COLD is COLD!!! +1
April 06 2018 18:50:16
Fishinmissio Yeah..Poor kid from Florida..I told him it's like this October through +1
Your gonna need a bigger boat.;)+1
April 06 2018 16:35:16
Fishinmissio Nah..It's just the right size :) +0
:o Nice catch!!!+1
A beauty! And the boat seems so clean. This is one thing I appreciate.+2
April 06 2018 16:36:31
Fishinmissio Actually its a mess. It's a 2004 model that I detail a couple times a year. People are always asking me if I got a newer +0

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