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:W Bro Juss!!! Great looking guy...for a gangsta!!! LOL You sure are gansta on the bass!!! :W+2
April 09 2018 21:57:38
jussef63 lol my freind kind of hahaha +1
Tha BassFace 😎+2
April 09 2018 21:58:28
jussef63 hahahaa thx a lot Marc +0
the man ... the LEGEND!! ;):)+2
April 09 2018 21:58:47
jussef63 hahah thx a lot bro +1
Super-talented, devilishly handsome, son of one of the richest men on the planet. In his limited spare time between partying with Playboy playmates on his private island in the Carribean and racing in Formula 1, we hear rumours Jussef has been learning the bass guitar!+2
April 16 2018 07:11:17
jussef63 lololololololyou made me laugh like crazy hahahahahhahahhah damn +1
June 28 2019 12:40:27
Dick phantastic summary of that image, Sir! +2
Cool looking dude!+1
April 09 2018 10:26:21
jussef63 lol we both cool my friend haha thx +1
April 09 2018 10:34:55
Dadinator Muchos gracias amigo :) +1
Nice photo man! :)+1
April 09 2018 10:29:13
jussef63 thx a lot my dear friend +1
Mucho Gusto Señor Jussef :)+1
April 09 2018 21:57:10
jussef63 hahah merci mon ami +0
April 09 2018 21:57:19
jussef63 :W +0
...its a joke ....right?... :D+1
...its a joke ....right?... :D+1
April 09 2018 21:58:11
jussef63 nope lol +0

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