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My favourite red boots...

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My favourite celtic harp too<3+1
Ben voilà une pochette d'album :)+1
J'ai exactement le même microphone...
Très jolies bottes.
April 27 2018 21:12:27
Caroljoyce Syllogisme incontournable : Tu as le même micro que le mien, moi j'ai le même que Pewi : alors, tu as le même micro que Pewi. B)
Est-ce que cela voudrait dire que tu as les mêmes bottines que les miennes ?
April 27 2018 22:56:22
ROBJOL Ton syllogisme m'a fait penser à mon dernier rapport d'impôts:

Plus j’ai d’argent, plus il ya d’impôts
Plus il y a d’impôts, moins j’ai d’argent
Donc plus j’ai de l’argent, moins j’en ai…

Bonne soirée.
April 27 2018 22:59:40
Caroljoyce :| Lol. J'adoooore... +1
chouette image :)+1
I really like the picture composition! 👍👍
I hope you don't got cold feets :D
April 28 2018 12:02:55
Caroljoyce Thanks my Dear Friend. +1
Yeah, nice cover photo for your next album, Agnès! And if that's a Røde NT-1A, then I have the same - an incredible value for the money. If this is your actual recording corner tho, you probably should consider putting up some curtains or other non-reflective material - you have lots of "room" in your recordings, impossible to filter that out, so it has to be avoided before the start of the recording. Just a tip from a former life sound engineer ;)+1
May 23 2018 12:36:41
Caroljoyce Thank you Wolfgang for this comment full of good advices.:D<3 I know this default of "room" in my recordings. Unfortunately, I can't improve this place for the moment. This is the bedroom of one of our chidren I use from time to time when I want to record my harp... Time will come when these chickens leave their nest... LOL +2
Hummmm...I have those same boots:P
October 21 2018 13:55:44
Caroljoyce Really ? I wish I could see you wearing them... :P +1

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