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Duro! :P+1
Is it a new family member Mario?+1
July 24 2018 07:22:12
GlezBass yes... piezoelectric system bridge +1
July 24 2018 17:37:42
khangurumc Are you going repair the figerboard
,or leave it like this ?.I ask you this because I am in the same process .I glued an other fingerboard and put System3 Mirror coat epoxy.
July 24 2018 23:32:07
GlezBass I also in this process watching videos online, I want to apply epoxy to one of my fretless to check the change of tone, I believe that any epoxy product serves but the problem is the application of it for a perfect job. I have seen videos that also apply cyanocrialate glue and successive layers with sanding to leave it as a mirror!
Although leaving the original diapason with the piezoelectric of this bass leaves a tone like this Track #142675 pretty good ...! what you think?
July 25 2018 02:45:00
khangurumc The application of epoxy is really difficult.more difficult if the bass as a prononce radius.Because that involve more epoxy to sand.The glued methode is not easy too,but more predictable.That bass sound good.That the kinds of bass that I will try with Labella copper white nylon tape wound.I think the sound will be perfect for piezo.When I finished my bass I will send you some pictures if you want.Really a good bass you have now.Congradulations Mario +1
July 25 2018 07:39:37
GlezBass Ok, send me the finish work!! Thanks Marc ;) +0
IBanez.? 200 ,300? how do you like it. thinking of getting one.+1
October 27 2019 01:22:00
GlezBass It´s Ibanez SR76o made Japan with piezoelectric system on bridge (brand by luthier) and flatwounds strings. With this system piezo sound like this #174531 , very similar a upright bass playing with EQ and effects. The SR760 is very good bass but not is already manufactured +0

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