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nice guitars collection & violin :D+1
January 28 2019 17:12:41
Acousticeg I have gotten a few more guitars since this picture was taken. lol I play a little violin. I'm not very good.;) +0
Woow !+1
Nice collection of axes+1
Nice collection!+1
Nice photo & collection Rick! :)+1
Not a left-hander to be seen:D wonderful collection.+1
January 28 2019 20:04:22
Acousticeg I just flip the guitar over...and wa la... It's a lefty. I can play either way. Took a long time and I'll never be as good with my left hand as the right. Started out by learning to write left handed. +1
January 29 2019 07:41:05
davidaustin The first guitar I shared with my brother was a Watkins Rapier, i payed it upside down until it was sold many years ago, it is a collectors guitar now. I have made a few but my favourite is my strat. +1
January 30 2019 15:46:10
Acousticeg My first name brand guitar was a 1969 Gibson Les Paul Custom Ebony. It was stolen after a gig while loading the truck. I loved that guitar. I've tried Strats in the past and really like their sound. But the size and weight just never clicked with me. My go to guitar is my Schecter for most stuff lately. But still out of all the guitars I've played my favorite is still my 1980 Aria Pro 2 Cardinal Series with a custom hybrid Washburn trem. Because of the pickups and taps I can get just about any sound out of it. It has a solid white ash body. +1
January 30 2019 21:15:23
davidaustin Shame about the Les Paul, would be a collectors guitar now, there was just this week a 1959 (if I remember correctly) Les Paul up for sale at £88.000, you will have to convert to Dollars.:| +0
A beautiful family portrait!+1
Hey Rick. Nice to see you😀 great collection😎+1
lovely ! you're in good company :)+1
Man vs Wild :)+1
January 30 2019 15:48:52
Acousticeg :) +0

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