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Latest new toy. Kremona Rosa Luna

Shared by: FrankieJ


Looks like a beaut!+2
Very beautiful Frankie!! :)+2
Beautiful, Frank! If you get the mod bug for it , i found this guy for bone nuts and compensated saddles...
March 04 2019 05:22:09
FrankieJ thanks LW. I think I finally have the action pretty close to where I like it. Sanding one micrometer at a time off the saddle. +1
Nice one Frankie. :)+2
Oh .. what a beauty!! Did we hear her already on some of your newer tracks??+2
March 04 2019 05:19:19
FrankieJ thanks Pat:)
Yes, the last three tracks I used it. Still working on finding the best recording settings for it.
ooohh la la congrats she's a fine looker:D can't wait to hear her:)+2
In your hands will sound even more beautiful than she looks:)+1
Very nice toymy friend.:W+0

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