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Me with a band, ca. 1976, Cologne (official photo of a record company)

photographed in the tube at Cologne main central station for EMI Electrola

Shared by: wjl


Cool pic!:)+1
March 18 2019 05:40:27
wjl Thank you Rick! :) +0
ahh Wolfgang this pic tastes so much of fusion: it misses Chick Corea :)+1
March 17 2019 10:43:46
wjl Haha thanks magir. With this band we didn't play much complicated stuff, think more Toto than Corea. Or John Miles, Billy Joel - that direction. But yes, some of the guys had quite some background (like having studied at Berklee). But I was in other bands before and after this one where we even played "Spain" in a trio (that was in a backing band for a theater group). This photo was taken by a pro, and he was paid by the record company. The others, we didn't have many ads... +1
it will all come back even you don't even realize but all ways there it goes round n round teased is there all way+1
March 17 2019 10:42:08
wjl There's a more recent photo, plus some I took of others, at Diana's profile, like https://www.wikiloops.com/gallery.php?pic=3853&u=8868 (either she or Richard took this, can't remember). +1
Aww smashing pic I really like it!<3+1
March 16 2019 23:50:44
wjl Thank you Dorothy. That's how I looked with 19... :D +2
March 16 2019 23:53:30
deezee You look very cool and still do Wolfgang:W +1

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