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my new hobby - I'm learning how to write and read music score

WL track #160150... hope you like it..

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I'm self learning how to read and write music score. I trying to move one step further in my musical education... B):@+2
March 20 2019 10:32:56
titi It's never too late Jo' ;) +1
March 20 2019 10:33:56
TeeGee Wow , very cool!! +2
Joao, that's great. I am not ready yet, but also on this way. At the moment I'm learning some theory. Above all, I have to learn what taught me in Poland a young guitar teacher :)+1
March 20 2019 14:29:34
jjdf it's a funny to be able to put in a piece of paper the melody you build in your mind.
it's not easy, I'm in the very beginning... I read music score as an 6 years old kid read a book Lol... B):@
March 20 2019 15:50:15
abuitremorem for me is also interesting that you can hear the sounds directly, including all amplifier and fx possibilities. That means we are in the midi world :) +1
Great Joao, I'm learning too! B)+1
March 20 2019 19:22:46
jjdf Wowooo it's fantastic, man... make a great difference when you are studying new tunes.... I think we better understand the way how to play the it, and easily capture the spirit of the compositor... B):D:W +1
Grande! ;)+1
I used to study all the time. I got lazy! lol:)+0
That is cool - my daughter (15) does this a lot. And I had to read when playing in an orchestra for a while - their normal bass player had a carpal tunnel syndrome.+0

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