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This is Briggs...on his favorite perch to eat.

Shared by: Acousticeg


So cute! What is the food - carrots?+1
March 21 2019 06:13:20
Acousticeg They all have different favorites they like to eat. But one thing they all seem to really enjoy is cookies. Briggs favorite food is egg salad. That's what is in the first dish. They all like cat food, cookies and cherry pie. lol +1
Very nice! What is this? A fox? Is friendly?+1
March 21 2019 06:07:07
Acousticeg He's a big Racoon! +1
Cool picture :) Raccoon?+1
March 21 2019 05:47:16
Acousticeg Yes... +1
Izzat a pet coon feller?!+1
March 21 2019 06:06:05
Acousticeg Not a pet;). He's wild. I was lucky enough to gain the trust of his Mother. I named her Rockett. She had three little one's. I named the two males Stratton and Briggs. And the female I named Maple. She brought them to my back door when they were old enough. They have been coming ever since then to be fed. They are all wild but trust me and let me pet them. I feed them and spend time with them but then they go back to the wild. They are very beautiful animals. They could easily rip me to shreds. But have always been playful and gentle with me. +1
March 21 2019 13:23:39
King1971 That’s really cool +0
Ah yes the little bandits! So clever and they have hands! I don't think there's a gate they can't open or a garbage can they can't take the lid off of. Many people have trouble with them, but it's best to make friends (as you have) and develop a respectful relationship. There can be problems if one has hunting type dogs. The dog will try to attack and the racoon are clever enough to lure the dog to a pond and drown them. Lots of respect.+1
March 24 2019 02:21:26
Acousticeg Yes your exactly right. Most don't know just how clever they are. Or not to let your dog chase one into the water. Years ago a friend let his retriever do just that. The dog weighted 65 pounds was much larger. What could go wrong. Turned out the much smaller and lighter Racoon was more than a match for the dog in the water. We ended up having to go in the lake and rescue the dog. lesson learned. B) +0

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