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A photo I found of cruising around in a single-seater glider over Cambridgeshire.

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What is the string on the windshield used for ? I used them on the sails of my catamaran sail boat to help trim the sails. MS Flight Simulator, Lap Top, a Gaming Joy Stick and a Good Imagination is as close as I’ll get to piloting . Been up in small airplanes like Cessna 150 but the felling of a Glider must be beyond description. Enjoyed your video thanks for sharing.+1
April 17 2019 12:54:50
mpointon The string is a very effective yaw/slip indicator. If it's straight up the canopy, you're flying efficiently through the air. In the video, you might see the string move from side to side when I do turns, etc. It's telling me I'm not turning efficiently!

Basically, the aim is to keep the string straight up the canopy! Any other position means you're slipping sideways through the air!
Just took a close look at that control panel ... looks quite vintage!! :O+1
April 17 2019 13:02:22
mpointon It's a '70s glider! The dials are (L-R):

top row: Turn/Slip indicator (same job as the piece of string!); Air vent; Compass

bottom row: Airspeed Indicator (ASI - in knots); powered variometer; unpowered variometer; Altimeter (in feet)

Of all those dials, the most important are the ASI and variometer. The variometer tells you whether the air you're in is rising or falling. You're always looking for rising air as that's where your lift is!

The Airspeed indicator is very important. When flying, all that matters is how fast the air is moving over your wings (gliders stall around the 35-40 knots mark), not how fast you're moving over the ground!
April 17 2019 13:06:01
mpointon So those dials tell me that I'm heading just north of west (300 degrees) at 50 knots airspeed, in 2 knots of sinking air at just over 3,300 feet above ground (the altimeter is set to 0 feet from point of take off - the airfield is 236 feet above sea level).

The altimeter is basically a very sensitive barometer but most local soaring you ignore the altimeter and work on what the ground looks like out of the window. In fact, in order to go solo, I have to pass the test of landing with the altimeter covered up.
April 17 2019 13:49:05
Ernie440 wow, you explain it very well .. the variometer ... I guess that's what birds do naturally, especially the birds of prey that just lift and lift until they're incredibly high in the sky ... amazing! Cool stuff! +0
I believe you can fly!+1
yellow fields below rapeseed ? great view :)+2
Stunning photo! Wondering if those yellow fields are canola flowers?+1
April 16 2019 13:25:59
axenvocs my thoughts as well bro +2
April 16 2019 13:29:01
Ernie440 I see that! hehehe :D Got to be that type of crop .. so frickin yellow!! :O +2
April 16 2019 13:47:18
axenvocs Ya last year while on holiday in Virginia around this time we saw these incredible yellow field beautiful to see +2
April 16 2019 14:44:12
mpointon Axenvocs is right, the fields are Rapeseed. A glider pilot's least favourite time of the year as they can't be landed in as it's too dangerous! +2
April 16 2019 14:55:27
Leftdaloops1019 +2
April 16 2019 15:18:40
Ernie440 +1
April 16 2019 15:25:50
Leftdaloops1019 ahhhh.....:D +2
April 16 2019 15:27:43
mpointon Yep. Looks like Canola and Rapeseed are near enough the same thing! +1
April 16 2019 15:53:35
Ernie440 I love how these picture can inspire conversation ... what strikes me is how canola is developed to be so resistant to herbicides ... so that's great they can cover the field with round up (glyphosate) weed killer and everyone gets cancer. Mostly though, it's just a really cool picture Martin! hehe Anything we humans do on a large scale always seems to have some nasty sides. +2
April 16 2019 17:00:10
Leftdaloops1019 +1
April 16 2019 17:10:39
mpointon Hey Ernie, this is me in the same glider doing a practice circuit. Nothing exciting but it was a pig to get a camera in a glider in those days! [youtube]ysgb2dbh2Gw[/youtube] +1
April 16 2019 17:42:29
Ernie440 Wow I enjoyed that video, great landing!! What a rush that must be. Super hobby! (finally figured out why you are MrSoaringMan after watching the odd drum vid from U) It's not drugs after all!! LOL J/K! +2
April 17 2019 03:28:55
mpointon Thanks, Ernie. I really, really, miss gliding. It's an expensive hobby to say the least. I hope to pick it up again one day.

In the meantime, here's me in the back of a glider whilst the instructor does some stunts!


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