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Ya lo probaremos ;)+1
May 05 2019 23:31:09
GlezBass 60€ y muy simple de usar, pisar y ...record en capas (overdub) , por supuesto lo probaremos y veras que curioso cacharro. Tengo otro looper Nux pero cuesta un poco mas meterlo en tiempo, este es muy simple y stereo. +1
Wiki ... loopers ;)+1
May 06 2019 14:42:45
GlezBass he he he :D +0
I've thought about getting a looper but haven't. I bet they could be a lot of fun.;)+1
May 06 2019 23:59:47
GlezBass I recommend you use one, help improve time (internal beat of your mind), you can jam with yourself, improve study of scales, and open a door to creativity by overdubs of layers of sounds. I recommend a basic press and record (like Ditto or this Donner stereo), I had other more complicated with double pedals and in the end I'm left with the simple. Listen this... #162968 ;) +0

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