Navotas Gallery

The first performance with the group founded this year. The intention is to combine styles and instruments from different countries. Thanks to Wikiloops I have been able to practice a lot by playing together with various musicians

Shared by: Navota


Fantastic experience you have there. Bravo Rian. :W+1
May 16 2019 17:40:10
Navota yes it was cold but dry it was sometimes hard to play because of the wind. But we surved the first time nobody throw eggs at us:) +1
This looks like big fun and music experience! Happy to see you've found friends to do "real" music!!+1
May 16 2019 17:37:22
Navota Yes it was fun we practis every week now after this day we got an other invitation to play on tour in my own town :o +0

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