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Self portrait in the employers' lift, Frankfurt 2019

testing a new lens which I've got as a present last week...

Shared by: wjl


Black and white photos are always interesting to me.:)+1
June 19 2019 20:50:57
wjl Thanks Rick - and yes, I love them, too. I tone them a bit in the mid-tones (black keeps black and white keeps white), with a color I stole from Laura Cunningham (Owen Wilson's mum) :) You can steal it from my picture above if you want - it's just the percentage formula of RGB colors in it :) +1
June 19 2019 21:15:36
Acousticeg Cool, thanks for the tip. ;) +1
So cool!! Love elevator selfies's too .. Elevator mirrors often give a very special ambiance+1
June 09 2019 23:27:28
wjl Danke Pat! :) +0
Looks like a reporter from New York in the '60 :)+1
June 09 2019 12:11:23
wjl Haha yes magir, now that you say it... oh and I *am* from the '60 (1957) :D +1

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