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Graphite on Arches hot pressed paper

Shared by: OliVBee


Based on a photo i took in San Giovanni in Laterano (Roma) ... a statue from Bartholomew (the apostle) by Pierre Le Gros le jeune. The statue is something like 4m tall and really impressive : marvelous artwork from the early 18th century.
I used a range of graphite from 5H to 4B. The whole drawing (24x32cm) took me probably around 100 hours from start to finish.
June 14 2019 08:22:47
ROBJOL Superbe travail mon ami. +1
June 14 2019 19:41:49
Marceys 100 hours? You could have done 2 tracks on the Loops in that time! +1
June 14 2019 19:42:42
Marceys Kiddin.... that’s some awesome groovy work OliVBee! CreativeBee you are! +1
June 14 2019 19:47:24
OliVBee 2 tracks ? i'd say more like 20 probably hehe thanks !! +1
Wow super, Mr n'est pas que zicos :)+1
Ok , now your just showing off. I kid.. lol Your art is as inspiring as your music;)+1

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