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LOL! beard and a moog and the owner - breast implants! :D+1
July 13 2019 02:09:47
KMstar I wish I could claim that as mine but I laughed so hard when I saw it I had t steal it +1
July 13 2019 02:10:48
Ernie440 It's funny .. I wish my cat had a beard!! Be super cool! :D:D Blue eyes too?? Do cats ever have blue eyes?? +0
July 13 2019 02:14:33
KMstar no one knows what its like to be the bad cat, that kills the big rat
behind blue eyes
July 13 2019 02:26:53
Ernie440 haha!! nicely done! +1
July 13 2019 02:32:03
KMstar :) +0

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