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A photo of me (in Wikiloops hoodie), and of Zuleikha at Bruxelles Midi train station on our - now *very* expensive - trip to London

This was taken after our car broke down, and we had to take the Eurostar train instead...

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Welcome to the UK - drop me a line if you pass through Cambridge :-) BTW - my daughter also studied Japanese in her 'spare' time though she's not so interested in music... :-(+1
July 18 2019 17:08:42
wjl Thanks GE, but we're back already... :) +0
exam session?

If so, bring her my best wishes :)
July 18 2019 03:42:43
wjl No magir, I think besides English and Latin which she learns in school, she also studies Japanese - just because she likes it. But I'll ask her anyway. :) +1

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