CameAndWent4-20s Gallery


2 become 1, become 4+2
October 12 2019 21:10:10
CameAndWent4-20 Thanks Jim☀️☀️☀️ +1
Holà la familia !+1
October 12 2019 02:24:24
CameAndWent4-20 It would have been a few more but we started a bit late unfortunately. We’re happy with these guys though😀 very fortunate to have 2 healthy and well adjusted children❤️ +1
Beautiful family. <3+1
October 12 2019 05:47:28
CameAndWent4-20 Thank you Rick👍 +0
Happy family<3
congratulations my friend!
October 12 2019 21:09:04
CameAndWent4-20 Thank you Eric. Looking forward to getting in to some more work with you very soon😎 +1
What a wonderful photo, Alex! :)+1
October 12 2019 15:31:44
CameAndWent4-20 Thank you so much😀Happy days❤️ +1
October 12 2019 21:07:13
CameAndWent4-20 Thank you Wolfgang. A recent one from a holiday we took here in NZ. Hope all is well with you☀️☀️☀️ +1
October 12 2019 21:11:06
wjl I'm fine, thanks Alex. Sadly, I can't show photos of my wife - she doesn't like it. :) But all the best wishes for you, and for your beautiful family :) +1

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