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Piezo Brushes Box

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Ahhh I remember a Ma Copine track on wikiloops, I wonder who plays on it :D :P #121470+2
October 27 2019 17:25:12
GlezBass yessss hahaha cool jam my friend!! +1
My latest invention to be able to play brushes in a box with a sensation of the sound of metallic brushes and also serves as a unit to shoot with the swing of the brushes any unit of analog effects (reverb, delay, wah, phaser, synth ...) or simply connection to amplifier.
It does not produce a coupling effect because it is piezoelectric
And the best only costs .... between € 5 to € 9 depending on where you buy it and the number of pickups
October 27 2019 17:29:19
GlezBass Sound like this #174630 :D +0
OStias!!! You are Mario McGiver!+1
October 27 2019 17:27:18
GlezBass lo venia pensando hace tiempo, ya usaba la caja con mi ShureSM57 ahora solo le añadi el piezo a la caja y le puse el jack--> al preamp y a los efectos. Con el loop en directo es superutil para hacer un ritmo on air! +0
October 27 2019 17:29:56
GlezBass frikadas como estas escobillas wahwah!! eso no se puede hacer en un pad o un teclado por la sensibilidad del golpe #174630 +1
October 27 2019 17:45:55
Andri Ostisss eso que se oye es la caja galletas? Illo patenta eso!!! Que pasote!!! +1
October 27 2019 17:49:25
GlezBass toda la frikada que salga por la unidad de efectos a golpe de brush (o baqueta) +1
October 27 2019 18:03:10
Andri Pues no veas.. pobre perro, si tienes jajaja +1

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