CameAndWent4-20s Gallery


it's good your games room is tidy, and cleaning is done ... your wife must be happy :)+2
January 12 2020 12:55:16
JMB65 ...or the wife is the one that cleanes up... MAYBE! +1
January 12 2020 17:55:35
January 13 2020 07:48:29
JMB65 No, serious: order is a sign for a structured spirit. I try to copy some of it. If I see this kind of room, it inspires me more to practice than some chaos. But people are different... :) +1
January 13 2020 17:03:03
CameAndWent4-20 I get what you’re saying. I have to have a clean tidy environment to play in. I spend a lot of time in there. My playing and recording has also become my practicing. It just needs a tidy once a week. A vacuum on the carpet. Done. Easy. And I do it. Not my wife😀 +1
Looks nice. Wish I had a corner/room like this. Looks like a Sennheiser condenser mike close to the window, wanted to try these as well (against the also Sennheiser owned Neumanns).+1
January 14 2020 01:57:21
CameAndWent4-20 The Sennheiser is the digital version and works very well for me. I’m working with that and the Sennheiser 908B wireless at the moment. Both have their place within my working framework. +1
Looking forward to hearing the Grafton+1
February 07 2020 01:58:55
CameAndWent4-20 The Grafton is on permanent loan from a good friend. It’s in very good condition but still not the best alto I’ve played. It was always intended to be the earlier version of the modern day Vibrato horns. A cheaper alternative to brass horns. If Bird and Ornette hadn’t played one I’m not sure they would have the cache they do. But having said that they look fantastic, A repair techs nightmare of course. I’ll see if I can put something down with on a track for WL’s. Nice to meet a fellow saxophonist here on the Loops. +1

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