Wikiloops Helpdesk

The video tutorials:

watch the introduction to wikiloops video The introduction to the online jam wiki video

watch the wikiloops members features overview video The downloading, playlist creation and member features tutorial

watch the how to create a remix video tutorial How to create a remix and join the online jam - step by step

Site navigation basics:

Basics I: the jamtrack search engine
Basics II: Navigating by Session ID or free text search
Basics III: from Template to Remix and back - adding and removing musicians from a session
Basics IV: the player-panel functionalities
Basics V: browsing a musicians contributions - the 'jam-room' function

more general questions:

Why register? is it really free?
What about audio copyrights and music licenses?


Display chord and riff info
Thumbs - about 'fans' and 'jams' displayed

Members features:

Backing track download
Building your own practise routine playlist or a playlist of favorite jams
Keeping track of good musicians - the 'follow'-function
How to enable or suspend email notifications
How to delete an upload
How to use bb-code to create links or embed smileys, pics and video

private Jamspace

Using wikiloops for your serious non-public online band project general info
- how to start a private band project
- joining a private band project

uploading audio

Understanding the distinction between session templates and remixes
How to choose a good title - and what to avoid
tagging a track
Why may I only add one instrument per remix? What are "Sequencer" and "Mixer" tracks?
What recording equipment do I need to participate?
How to join a session by posting a remix
How to start a session by sharing a single instrument recording as a session template
terms of use
data privacy policy
supporting membership
translate wikiloops
wikiloops on the social web
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