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If you'd like to share your song ideas with your real-life band on wikiloops, without the whole community getting to know your hit, you may use wikiloops for a private band project. Your tracks within such a private group are available to a group of invited users only.
Since the wikiloops community does not benefit from your private jamming fun, the option to form or contribute to private band projects is available to "supporting members" only!

To start a band project, choose 'private session' in the upload dialogue when uploading your first template for this project and follow the steps to form a wikiloops band.
Your band companions will have to be registered with wikiloops to get access to your bandproject, and your band will be shown as an open invitation to all users you set on the guestlist.
If your friends don't have a wikiloops account the moment you start the band, you may set them on the guestlist after they have done so.
Visitors that are not invited to your project will only get the information who is part of the project when visiting your band page.

If you wish to present one of your bands songs publicly on your band page, you may set its status to public later by visiting your bands page (look for the sunglasses-on/off-icon).

If you have several projects, that's no problem, you may form as many bands as you like!

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