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how to delete an upload

You want to delete a track you have posted to wikiloops?

Now lets look at it for a second: Imagine, several musicians have spent quite some time producing remixes of your track, and now you come around asking to delete every session containing your track? That would be quite outraging for those who joined your session,
so this is why you cannot delete a track any longer once another musician has posted a remix.

If you have misplaced an upload by mistake or chosen the wrong .mp3-file from your harddrive, please use the 'report track'-link (red flag icon) in the player to clean up the mess! Please be aware that this leads to administrative effort, so please don't do it too often!
If you spot a track that's misplaced, a fraud, declared wrong or in other ways against the wikiloops rules, please use the report track function as well, for such tracks will have a strong negative effect on the jamming experience with the wikiloops we all enjoy.

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