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what about audio copyrights and music licenses?

What about music licenses and copyrights?

Good people start asking this question before doing something they later regret! I dont believe you will find something reeky about wikiloops, heres where you can find out:

It is my aim to keep theese matters as fair and transparent as possible, which is the reason why there is the little linked license button shown on any jam page. You will propably only get to see jams with the public license, for all music licensed under a private license is available to a group to be defined by the creator.

Every musician uploading music to wikiloops has to take responsibility for not breaching any third partys copyrights. There should be no cover songs of copyrighted material uploaded to the public jam section.
please be reasonable with theese matters, we dont want the fun destroyed by legal problems...

Please take the time to read the terms of use, which regulates all legal matters on uploaded audio. The terms layout was discussed with several musicians prior to release and was found to be a fair thing far from comparison to most other platforms.

Feel free to give feedback on the matters, non registerred visitors may use the contact formular to do so.

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