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Wikiloops offers you different ways to search for Tracks, Musicians and Playlists.
Since wikiloops is about collaboration on self-written music, cover songs are not allowed on wikiloops.
But how does one go about finding inspiring tracks when there is no familar titles? And where can I find musicians from my country? These questions are covered in this article.

Searching tracks by line-up, musical genre, meter or by excluding tracks with the instrument you want to play
filter tracks by genre, instrument line-up, minus-instrument-filter or tempo and meter and choose the desired results order
All of the above can be done quite conveniently with the wikiloops category search engine - just select your criteria with the offered drop down menues. On top of that, you have the choice to either view the "best rated" jams, or to check out new contributions matching your criteria by choosing the "order by date" option.
It would be annoying to have to re-set filters over and over again when browsing tracks and returning to the search engine.
That is why more jams which match your last search are dislayed in the right coloumn of the jam-view pages.
A convenient way to return to the search results page from a jam-page is to use the links offered below the tracks title - these lead to the results page with filters set accordingly.Navigating back to the search results is easy with the sub-title links. Alternative similar tracks are offered on the right.
Free text search options
Wikiloops also offers a free text search on track titles, tags and member names.
Since there are no cover songs on wikiloops, searching for p.e. "The Beatles Help" is not likely to bring up a result, the tracks on wikiloops do however have so called "Sounds like"-tags to allow people searching by criteria which may be explained best by referring to a certain bands music.

You may also text-search a users name to move on to his or her profile, where you will find this musicians uploads and collaborations this musician is part of.
The option to browse members by instruments and/or country is also available via the Title & Tag-Search. If you ever feel like finding out how many Drummers from SriLanka are active on wikiloops, switch from the standard text search to the "Browse members"-Tab.

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