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why register? is it really free?

Yes, you do not have to pay to use wikiloops.
As you may imagine, running this project does cost a lot of money - which is why we added a
But you may! to the above statement.
It has been our primary goal to offer a free service that may be used by anyone regardless of income or access to online payments, and we are constantly rallying for crowd support to meet the projects budget needs.
We like to play fair, so we do not sell or use your personal data, no SPAM-mails will be sent to your account, promised.
We believe in transparency, so our efforts to run wikiloops are publicly avalaible in the wikiloops forum and especially in Dicks developer Blog. You might also want to check out our data privacy policy - you will not find any sneaky things.

If you take a peek at the registration formular, you will notice we have rather little obligatory data fields, even if it may be hard to believe, there is no catch in signing up with us.
To show some gratitude to those who chose to support wikiloops, the "supporting membership" comes with a few enhancements including ads-free use of wikiloops.

So why should one register? here are the features:
take part! upload your contributions to sessions or start new ones
easily download the backing tracks
make friends with other users and keep track of their contributions
use playlist function to make a list of your favorite practise jam alongs
experience the encouraging and fun effect of collaborating
improve your improvisation skills or your skill to support a song (as opposed to turning it into your background...)

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