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how to start a session by sharing a single instrument recording as a session template

Start a new session!
Every session starts with one single instrument which is used as session template.
So all you need is a recording of your instrument converted to .mp3 file format.
To help others trying to join the session, clapping or counting in before start (1-2-3-4) is a nice thing to do.
Limit is 5MB file size, so you have approximately three minutes playing time at 192k conversion rate, or about 5 minutes at 128k conversion.
If you would like to share a recording containing more than one instrument, please add the further instruments in single steps. First, upload one instrument as start of the session, then add the second by uploading a remix to the session you have created. This way, all steps of creation are available.
To share a single instrument session, click on the link ('share a single-instrument-recording') below 'Upload your jam' on the home page and follow the steps.
Please leave some helpful information on structure, tempo and chords. This will help other users.

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