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building your own practise routine playlist or a playlist of favorite jams

This feature will help you a lot to keep track of your favorite jams! Just click on the add to playlist link shown at the bottom of the player to put a track onto your playlist!
One neat thing about the playlist feature is: In difference to the jam pages, where a track is looped untill infinity to supply jammin delight without having to restart over and over, the playlist player will move on from track to track.
So if you like to create a list of backing tracks for your dayly practise routine, just set up a list, start your playlist player and enjoy the flow!

Since we expect people will like to build seperate playlists for different occasions (of course you may have a second playlist to listen to at work or wherever else...), you may open several playlists.

Your playlists will be available on your profile page in the playlists tab - and if you feel they are so great others might enjoy a listen, too, you can share your personal playlist by making it available in the playlist search engine! To do that, visit the playlist tab on your profile! There you may also change a tracks position with the arrow-buttons shown next to each jam. To remove a track from a playlist, click on the little red X buttons.

Playlists are available to registered users only.

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