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The player functionalities

Note: the player itself may look different depending on the browser you use!
the wikiloops player version 7.0

A - Start & Pause button, double-click sets playback position back to start
B - loop a segment of the track by setting the start & stop locators
C - disable or enable automatic playback of tracks
D - flag / report track button: report rule or copyright violations with this function. The report track function may be used to remove your own uploads, too (this is only possible as long as there are no remixes posted. learn why.)
E - displays the chosen license for this track, click to view
F - Mute button
G - Volume slider
H - Color marker bar to display the tracks structure. A click on the grey bar lets you add markers, which will be inserted at the current playback position. You may save markers permanently if you whish, they will be lost if you do not.

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